Vehicle Shooting

  • t55Nominate an enemy vehicle to shoot
  • Check to confirm you have line of sight.
  • Determine if the vehicle will have a cover save.
  • Roll to hit the vehicle – this works just like infantry shooting.
  • Cover save if appropriate
  • See if the round penetrated
  • Resolve effects of the penetration

Hit Modifiers

Fast moving vehicles – If your target travelled over 10” during its last activation you will receive a -1 penalty to your hit roll.

Obscured – if 50% of the tank facing is obscured, you will receive a -1 penalty to hit.

Shooting at infantry – if you’re attempting to shoot infantry with your main gun, you will receive a -1 penalty to hit.

 Designer’s note – a lot of game systems will impose a penalty for moving and shooting.  Given that we’re looking to use these rules for Modern/Sci-Fi engagements I feel that this to be a bit too restrictive as fire control systems are expected to get better rather than worse.  That being said, depending on your scenario, you may want to impose a negative modifier on moving and shooting. 

Vehicle Penetration Table


Note – Weapons with an AP value of “U” are able to penetrate up armored vehicles (like halftracks or armored cars) However, they lack the ability to penetrate thicker armor.

Vehicle Cover Saves

In order for a vehicle to have cover at least 50% of the facing hull must be obscured by terrain that would realistically stop a round (ie, bushes will make your vehicle obscured but they don’t do a very good job stopping a depleted uranium tipped shell travelling at 1,700 meters per second)  Buildings, Rock formations and hills

  • Open – 6+
  • Light Cover – 5+
  • Hard Cover – 4+

Vehicle Weapons Chart



  • When shooting against other armored vehicles you will use the AT value and will get 1 shot per fire action against your target.
  • If you are shooting at infantry models, you will use the Hits column to determine the damage if the shell hits an enemy unit.