The Rules

This ruleset is set broken up by the following:


Game Notes:

There is a fine balance between “keeping it real” and having fun when playing a wargame.  For me one of the things that make a game fun is achieving your objectives by making tactical decisions and rolling dice.  Constantly checking a rulebook takes away from the overall experience.  Having overly complex rules can also take away from your gaming experience so I have tried to keep things fairly straight forward.  The trade off to this is that some things get lumped together.  For example, the L/44 M256A1 smoothbore gun on an M1 Abrams gets called “very heavy anti-tank gun” and will be treated exactly the same as the 2A46 125mm gun on the Russian T-80.

Finally, in modern scenarios, if one side is significantly more powerful than the other then they are generally doing it right.  However, this isn’t a whole lot of fun for an evening of wargaming.   Part of this project’s scope was to design a way for us to come up with equivalent sides.  That is why I have included a companion excel file that can be used to design your forces.

Ultimately, I will call this work successful if it’s easy enough to be played off of a quick reference sheet without having to reference these rules.