Pinning and Morale 

If your squad takes enemy fire during a turn (meaning you were shot at) you will need to take a check immediately after the enemy unit’s activations.  Note, at least one of the shots need to actually hit the target unit.  If you took a casualties during the activation, you will make that check at a -1 penalty for each casualty.  The check is made by rolling a D6 and comparing the result to your morale characteristic.  If the result is GREATER or EQUAL to your morale score then you pass and may continue as normal.  If you fail this check you will be pinned down.  Units that are pinned down may attempt to rally during their next turn by passing a normal unmodified check.  This will count as one of the two activations for that turn.  If they fail then they will use their second check to attempt to rally.

IF a unit suffers a casualty during a fire action they will need to make their morale check with a – 1 penalty for each casualty.  There is no limit to the number of times a unit can be called on to pass a leadership test during the course of a turn.

 Example – a unit of marines gets fired on and takes a casualty from an enemy force.  They normally have a 3+ morale but since they took a casualty it moves to a 4+.  They roll a 5 for the check and are fine. 

Break test

If you lose more than 50% of the models in your unit you must pass a break test.  If you fail the test they are removed from play.  If you pass, then you remain.  However, you will take a break test any time you lose an additional casualty.  If there is just 1 model left, they will be removed from play, regardless if they pass a test or not.

Vehicles and Morale

When a vehicle is hit by a round that could have penetrated their armor or if the vehicle has been assaulted in CQB (and survives) it will need to take a morale check.  If the vehicle fails the morale check instead it will be pinned just like infantry an infantry unit.  Vehicles unpin just like infantry models as well.