Calling a Fire Mission


I – Check for availability for off board assets – Off board artillery is available on a roll of 5+ to a spotter team and 6+ for an Officer.  This is done instead of any other actions and is only available once per turn.  If you have both a spotter team AND an officer on the board, only one attempt is allowed per turn.    Note:   if the spotter or officer is part of a unit engaged in a firefight they may attempt to call in support while the rest of their unit engages the enemy.  However, they may NOT take a movement action.  Also, if the unit is pinned down, they make the attempt instead of attempting to unpin but will remain pinned for the turn.  On board assets do not need to roll to bring in fire.

To see what assets are avaialable, roll a d6 and see below:
1       Heavy Artillery
2-3    Medium Artillery
4-5    Light Artillery
6       Airstrike


II – Calling it in – we will follow the format below

  • Mark your target.
    • Place a marker on the board where you intend to have rounds drop. Note, the target does NOT have to be a unit.
    • Use a scatter die + 2D6 to resolve. If there is a direct hit then resolve, otherwise it will scatter the full 2d6.
      • If the target is not moving, then each round of sustained fire will reduce the scatter by 1d6 (so if your enemy stays in place then by the 3rd round you’re auto-hitting)

III – Fire for Effect –

Measure or place a template 5” for light and medium or 10” for heavy shelling over the marker.

The roll the effects for each unit under fire


  • 1-2 Nothing
  • 3-5 Pinning Check
  • 6 AT:VLt / AP D3 hits to any unit under the template


  • 1-2 Nothing
  • 3-4 Pinning Check
  • 5-6 AT:Lt  / AP D6 hits


  • 1-2 Nothing
  • 3-4 Pinning Check
  • 5-6 AT:Med / AP D6+3 hits

If the hit is directly on an AFV it is taken against the side armor.  If the vehicle is just in the blast radius then reduce the firepower of the hit by 1 and take it against the front armor.  So a vehicle that is in the 10 inch radius of a heavy strike would take an AT Lt hit against the front armor.  But if the strike was a direct hit it would take an AT Med hit against the side.  This is to represent the relatively weak top armor of AFVs.

Note – the affected unit(s) can take any armor or cover saving throws as normal.  Vehicles that suffer a direct hit cannot take advantage of cover.


To determine the type of strike roll a d6:  1 – Straffing Run, 2 – Light bombs 3 – Anti Vehicle Fire, 4-6 Choose

  • Strafing run
    • The air asset will get to take 3d6 shots at any enemy units within an 18″ straight line.  (shots are considered to be AT U and -2 to armor saves)
    • Units under fire may take cover saves as normal
    • Any units under the line will take a pinning check regardless of outcome
    • The affected player can choose to remove casualties however they like.
  • Light bombs
    • Treat as Light artillery w/scatter but use a 10″ template
  • Anti-Vehicle fire
    • 1d3 Med shots any vehicle within an 18″ straight line vs Side Armor
    • hitting on a 5+


Note – this will not apply to every scenario equally.  For example, you may want to shift the availability for type of assets depending on the scenario.  Also, not all enemies would have access to each type of asset (For example, Viet Cong guerrilla fighters would not have access to an airstrike)   A little bit of common sense goes a long way here.