North Africa

So as part of my terrain re-design project, I did some experimentation on how to get a decent looking desert terrain board.


  • Sandstone colored felt.
  • Stone texture spray paint
  • Army Painter “Desert Tan” spray primer
  • Cheap white acrylic paint
  • 2″ painting brush (I got a couple of cheap ones from Lowes)
  • Flock – “fine turf” and “blended turf” from Woodland Scenics
  • Watered down PVA and a Spray Bottle – I bought mine from Woodland Scenics but you can make your own.


  • spray the mat down with the spray stone.  I pretty much used the whole can on the mat.
  • Once dry, spray the mat with the desert yellow primer – It was actually pretty uniform in color once I was finished…  I didn’t leave any of the stone spray sticking through if I could help it.  The idea was to use the spray primer to help “lock in” the spray stone.
  • Drybrush the whole thing with white.

Now, here’s what I would NOT do again.  I decided it would be cool to put a little bit of flock down on the mat.  HOWEVER, for some dumb reason I decided to use 3M’s Super 77 spray adhesive and a light scatter to achieve this effect.  And while it did it’s job, it also left everywhere that was NOT covered by flock tacky.  To correct this, I covered the whole thing is actual sand, rubbed it in and then shook it off…  then hit the mat with watered down PVA with the spray bottle and that has done the trick.  I did the hills separately (I had run out of spray stone) so I was able to alter the process a bit.  Instead of using spray 77, I just did the dry brush.  If I decide to go back and put some flock on them, I’ll just use the spray bottle pva glue to set the flock.  But rubbing in the sand really didn’t make a real difference to the texture of the mat.

Any rate, here’s the pictures….


Final Pic is a before and after…  I really liked the results….





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