Beta version wargaming rules

Like most wargamers, I’ve played a number of different tabletop games over the years and pretty much all of them had some cool elements that I really liked.  And pretty much all of them had some elements that I didn’t like or felt would be better if they just had rules for that one thing….  So I decided to write up my own rules and see if I could sucker my friends into playing them.  The key for me is that the ruleset should be fairly simple, easy to remember and not be clogged by a ton of special rules.  I am mostly interested in modern and sci-fi Wargaming, so the focus here is mostly on those two genres.  Also, most of my model collection is in 15mm so the rules were written with that in mind.  However, if you want to use this for other scales feel free to adjust as you wish.

Tactical Wargaming 5-7– PDF Version of the rules

Unit Builder 3-27 -Excel based Unit Builder

Quick Reference Sheet– QRS Sheet





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