LeParaA couple of years ago I started collecting and painting 15mm Cold War minis and wanted to present a game to my local group.  There are some great games out there that handle very small scale engagements at the squad level and some that work great for larger conflicts but I struggled to find anything in between.  As a fan of Sci-Fi and modern wargaming I have struggled to find a set of rules to cover these genres in a way that I really liked.  Most have elements that I think work pretty well, but then there always seem to be other elements that are either missing or just not what I’m looking for.    In my opinion the “sweet spot” for 15mm is an infantry platoon and about 5-10 tanks on a side.  I just wasn’t able to find that game.  So I made a list of the mechanics I really liked and started to put them together to create a system that would give us a fun evening of rolling dice.

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